As a Disciples of Christ church, our members hold a wide variety of beliefs and understandings about faith.  We celebrate our diversity and do not use creedal statements to divide up Christians who wish to worship with us; as our founders were fond of saying, we have “no creed but Christ.”  Instead, we welcome all to the open communion table and believe that our faith is made stronger by learning from people who have a different understanding than our own.

Our congregation has chosen to embrace the following progressive values and commitments to reflect our active commitment to social justice.


chaliceWe are the CHRISTIAN CHURCH (DISCIPLES OF CHRIST), a denomination that  celebrates our diversity and different understandings of faith! It also means we unite in Communion on a weekly basis and welcome ALL to God’s Table.

open-and-affirming-chaliceWe are an OPEN AND AFFIRMING congregation, which means we welcome all people who seek to have a relationship with God and with a congregation, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, past experiences, or current situation.

greeen-chalice-logoWe are a GREEN CHALICE congregation, which means we believe God has called us to be good stewards of the Earth and we do our best to conserve energy and waste. We also work to inform the community on environmental issues.