We Learn

The ministry of Faith, Development and Nurture is committed to the spiritual education and growth of children, adults and teachers within the church community to foster open progressive and loving learners and educators.  The ministry is committed to the  development of activities and programs that nurture Faith, Gratitude and Joy in God’s Love.

We Care

At Downey Avenue Christian Church the Membership and Evangelism Ministry nurtures our life together to create an interconnected body of Christians. We share the hospitality of Jesus Christ with everyone who comes to worship with us. We care for each other in our weekly fellowship times. We care for others in our activities for the community.

We Worship

At Downey Avenue Christian Church the act of worship is central to our “living church inside and out”. Coming together to worship each week sustains us spiritually and compels us into mission. Gathering in praise and celebration, discerning through scripture and prayer, and experiencing God’s love through communion allows us to realize and accept the blessings and challenges of discipleship. The worship ministry strives to bring all the elements of worship together in a meaningful way.

We Serve

The Local and Global Missions Ministry works to share the love of God with people of all cultures and beliefs through substantive acts of kindness.  It is the goal of this Ministry to positively interact with those in need, both in our community and around the world.  The Local and Global Missions Ministry seeks to develop a mission-minded people, both youth and adults, by participation in various endeavors.