The Worship and Performing Arts Ministry brings Drama, Dance & Music to our worship service. Presenting one main stage production every year with a focus on quality shows with a conscience.  Our Performing Arts ministry began in 2016 with 6 sold out performances of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and in 2017 brought to life the world premier of Four Spirits based on a New York Times Best Seller detailing how the bombing of a church in Birmingham in 1963 forever changed a community.

In 2018 Downey proudly presents a bold new approach to Jesus Christ Superstar.  A young leader has risen up to be a voice against the oppression of his people. Regularly taking a knee against the institutions that continue to push his people against the wall, he has drawn in a diverse group of disciples to help him in this work. One ally, unable to check his privilege, turns against the leader when the message becomes too radical. This is Jesus Christ Superstar!

Produced by Anthony Lineberry and Jill Phillips
Directed by Justin Thornburg
Musical Director: Dave Newman