Downey Avenue Christian Church, after an intense effort submitted the application to Seventh Day Initiative of the Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light for the solar panel funding grant in February of 2015.  A grant of $20,000 was obtained from the Indiana Office of Energy Development.  The congregation contributed another $6,000.  The total cost was $24,267.36.

The twenty-eight solar panels were installed on the roof of Century Hall September 30, 2015 by Green Alternatives, Inc.  After replacing the inverter/computer, the generation of electric power for the church began on October 8th, 2015.  Each panel is rated at 285 watts.  The illustrated below shows how the solar energy varies from day to day, in this case for the month of March graph

From the date of Installation in October 2015 to mid-April 2016 3.3 megawatt hours of electricity have been produced with a value of over $400.  The solar generation has reduced the carbon dioxide from fossil fuels by 2.67 tons.  This is equivalent to driving a car 10,939 miles.


Reducing Your Carbon Foot Print

The human contribution to global warming and the resulting climate change needs to be recognized and taken very seriously.  Within the next 10 years very significant reductions must be achieved or our children, grandchildren are going have a very different world to live in and may even have to struggle to have food and water.  This needs to be recognized as a world crisis.

How big is your carbon foot print?  You eat; you cook; you wear clothes; you use electricity; you use paper, plastic, metal; you heat and cool your home; you may drive a car.  These are areas where you can make a significant reduction in your carbon foot print.

Examples are:  adjust your thermostat – 2 degrees cooler in the winter and 2 degrees warmer in the summer; turn-off lights and TVs when leaving the room; unplug electric devices with a “box” plug when not in use; walk, bike, use public transportation; eat more local and seasonal foods; recycle as much as possible of paper, plastic, metal and food; use cloth bags when shopping.  We are all in this together, use your creativity to preserve this wonderful earth as we have known it.